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                          导读:硕士research proposal大纲提案怎么写?我们首先是要提交一份由扩展翻译/解释和批判性分析组成的论文提案。比如这篇研究大纲一份是关于文学方面,一份关于商务英语方面critical analysis需

                          导读:硕士research proposal大纲提案怎么写?我们首先是要提交一份由扩展翻译/解释和批判性分析组成的论文提案。比如这篇研究大纲一份是关于文学方面,一份关于商务英语方面critical analysis需要聚焦两个topic,所有的主题必须有恰当的翻译理论、翻译方法支持,且便于在今后的论文中展开。故此提供这篇research proposal让我们来看是如何写作的。

                          Title: A translation of the equity research report from English to the Chinese and a critical analysis
                          Translation Brief 翻译摘要
                          The objective of the dissertation is analyzing the difficulties and solving the issues in the process of the translation. Apparently, the equity report is the description of the deep research of the equity including share price, company information, marketing information and industry information. At the same time, the report should also contain the plot chart which is the direct reflection of the marketing information over the time. In addition, the users of the reports are the investment companies and foundations. 
                          The two major challenge of the translation: Semantic and Syntactic翻译的两大挑战:语义和句法
                          Critical analysis关键分析
                          Challenge 1: Semantic challenge挑战1:语义挑战
                          Firstly cultural difference issue can be solved under the following theories.Semantics challenge is related to the study of meaning or the conceptual and literal meaning of words.It is a hard missionfor translators to find the most adequate equivalent word or expression in the Target language, the reason is lexical gaps such as a type oflanguage which is used and understood among a certain group of people. That means that lexical are the key to solve the challenge of the semantic. In the process of the translation of the equity research report, some words are specialized using in the term of the finance, economic and business whichI am not familiar with and also some words can be found in the Chinese. Translators might need to do background readingto acquaint themselves with the subject matter where necessary (Muhaidatet.,al, 2013). That means that background reading is important for this challenge. To well translate them to make sense, I would like to read the report as whole to know what the author really expressed in the report. For the purpose of the report, it is the communication bridge between the writer and the investment companies and foundations; the structure of the report is required by the investment companies and foundations;
                          Challenge 2: Syntactic challenge 
                          Secondly, Syntactic translation from English to Chinese is other challenge, which can be solved by followed theories. Syntactic Challenges are related to many grammatical challenges such as subject-verbagreement, prepositions, tenses, and verb forms.Translators should readthe Source Tests more than one time understand and analyze it, before they transfer it into the Target Language (Al-Quran& Al-Azzam, 2010).Moreover, translators should avoid word-by-word translation and focus on conveying the fullmeaning of the Source Test.In the process of translation on the equity research report, I would like to read the report more than once to under and analyses it; finally, it is conveying the fullmeaning of the report into Chinese.
                          I am willing to learn and interested in the equity research report. Combination with my sufficient knowledge in the translation from English to Chinese, I propose I could do a good job in this dissertation. At the time, I know the requirements from the readers who I translate for. In general, academic research skills would enhance the performance of the dissertation.
                          Reference list
                          Muhaidat, F, Neimneh, S, & Hussein, E 2013, 'King Lear on the Arabic Stage: Linguistic, Social and Cultural Considerations', Theory & Practice In Language Studies, 3, 2, pp. 244-253, Education Source, EBSCOhost, viewed 25 February 2015.
                          Al-Quran, M, & Al-Azzam, B 2010, 'COLLOCATIONAL DISTINCT USES IN QUR'ANIC ARABIC', Journal Of Language & Literature (20780303), 1, pp. 47-54, Humanities Source, EBSCOhost, viewed 25 February 2015.

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