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                          Assignment: 评估与发展计划(ADP)Assessment & development plan (A

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                          Main Personal Goal主要个人目标 ?#19994;?#32844;业目标是成为一名优秀的销售人员并担任销售总监。针对行业类别,我认为那是一家著名的电动汽?#25285;?#21253;括智能?#25285;?#20844;司。 我曾经是中国一家大型超市的购物
                          Main Personal Goal主要个人目标
                          My career goal is to be an excellent salesperson and reaches the post of sales director. Specific to the industry category, I think that is one famous electric car (including smart car) company.
                          OnceIhave been a shopping guide in a big supermarket of china. Though it was a part-time job, I took it formally. That is a happy time. In my help, after the customers chose a satisfactory product, happy to leave, I often felt a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. There is nothing more meaningful and impressive than this. Perhaps, the salesman's dream is from then began to sprout.
                          Analysis of My Career Objectives?#19994;?#32844;业目标分析
                          My career main goalhas been fully consideredwith the goal setting theory.I will analysis my career goalaccording to the SWOTmatrix.
                          首先,汽车工业正迎来一场巨大的变革浪潮。驾驶变更因素包括但不限于以下内容。更为严格的环境压力得到了强调。例如,德国联邦?#25105;?#38498;最近通过了一项决议,该决议将在2030年禁止所有燃料汽车。人工智能(AI)技术正逐步得?#25509;?#29992;,这将大大促进汽车的研发,共享出行的概念开始传播。Uber和Didichuxing等这类公司的代表性在世界各地越来越受欢迎。因此,电动汽车将取得很大的发展,一方面是由于市场需求的不断增长,另一方面是?#36824;?#38656;求。尤其是在中国,谁拥有世界上最大的汽车消费市场,作为销售人员是个不错的选择。First of all, the automotive industry is ushering in a huge wave of change. Factors of driving change include but not limited to the followings. More stringent environmental pressure is emphasized.For example, one of the latest news,the German Federal Senate adopted a resolution recently, which will ban all fuel cars in 2030. The artificial intelligence (AI) technologynow isgradually being used, which will greatly facilitate research and development of the auto-driven vehicles.The concept of shared travel beginsto spread. Therepresentative of this type of companies, such as Uber and DidiChuxing, are becoming more and more popular all around the world. So electric cars will achieve great development, on the one hand is caused by incremental market demand, and on the other hand is the demand for replacement of the stock. In particular in China,who has the world's largest automotive consumer market, as a sales staffis a good choice.
                          Second, choosing this career goal is based on my strengths.I love the sales industry. Extroverted and passionate character, coupled with good communication skills, they gave me the confidence of competent sales work. Both at home and school, I always get along well with all kinds of people. I have the ability of building good interpersonal relationships. As a member of the debate society in college, it isa natural springboard for my career in logical thinking ability.
                          I have a great interest in new things. Because my uncle is a great car designer in china, so I was exposed to a large number of car knowledge from childhood. It also inspired my hobby in cars. Usually, I keep an eye on some high-tech information; also track their dynamics and applications. As the current trend of electric vehicles and the rapid development of auto-driven technology, new era of sales staff need to understand the industry dynamics and technical concepts. I have this advantage.Also, I already have a driver's license and full of driving experience.This may be a plus item.
                          The third is that some weaknesses maybe not conducive to sales. Sometimes when faced with difficult things,I will lack of patience. As a salesperson, which is often faced with customers, patience is indispensable in the service. So I will consciously get rid of this problem from now on. Another unfavorable point is that the specific car sales experience is not enough, which is directly related to the customer service capabilities. Sure Iwill improve the related abilities during my internship period.
                          The fourth is external potential challenges. If electric vehicles technology is not as mature as expected, then their market space is limited. For the sales staff of one electric car company, this is sure a disadvantage. In addition, the increased proportion of shared mode of transport or public transportvehicles maybe affects the popularity of private electric cars, though this effect is minor.There may be other external challenges also,but human societyalways need travel tools.
                          Plan of Action
                          Follow the principle of S.M.A.R.T. way I have set up my main personal goal above. Now I will create detailed plans of action for achieving the main goal.
                          As a positive salesman, no one will refuse the dream of one day be promoted to sales director. However, Rome is not a step to arrive. So the first step needs to become a qualified, skilled salesman.For achieving the main goal, I seriously separate the career path into short-term goals, medium term goals and long term goalsin a S.M.A.R.T. way.
                          In the short-term period, I need to obtain the bachelor degree. Through the BA study, I will gain sales expertise and theoretical reserve. This kind of experience can strengthen my background.Now start with about a month, I will complete the information summaryof the global electric vehicle market, by listing and sorting, which is help in overall understanding of the status of the automotive sales industry. At the same time, I will browse the information of sales department recruitment of some famous electric car company, which is preparedfor the internship application. Of course, I will remain concerned about the automotive industry technical trends and market conditions, especially the concept of electric vehicle technology.
                          In the medium-term period, before graduation,I will go to an electric car company to do internships. Of course one traditional car company is also acceptable, but need to be in the electric car related departments. During this internship process, I will familiar with the usual car sales workflow and product-related knowledge, and also accumulate the actual sales experience and communication skills.
                          In the long-term period, after the graduate school, I will prior to pursuita famous pure electric vehicles company’s offer, such as Tesla. As a backup, some traditional car company's electric car department’s offer is also considered, such as BYD. During the first year of work, I need toget a professional, efficient, first-class sales ability and service standards. At this point, I have been a qualified, skilled salesman.Of course, then I will continue to maintain a positive state of effort, to step by step for promotion. And ultimately to an electric car company's sales director, this process takes 5-10 years.

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