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                          导读本文是一篇澳洲留学课程小组作业,讨论了协作全球品牌研究,学生将研究和分析特定全球品牌的在线交流策略。 选择一个全球品牌,在本单元研究的理论背景下提供有效媒体使用的良好

                          导读本文是一篇澳洲留学课程小组作业,讨论了协作全球品牌研究,学生将研究和分析特定全球品牌的在线交流策略。 选择一个全球品牌,在本单元研究的理论背景下提供有效媒体使用的良好范例。 在选择品牌(可以是公司,机构或组织)之后,?#33539;?#24744;的团队将分析的数字媒体渠道:主页,Facebook,Youtube等。选择一个媒体插座,写一个包含屏幕的描述  - 捕获图像,并作为一组回答以下问题:

                          1. How well does the brand perform on digital Search Engines? Is the brand reach truly global? Show examples.该品牌在数字搜索引擎上的表现如何?品牌是否真正全球化?举例说明。
                          The target company is Apple which is selling the digital products such as mobile phone and computers and etc. Apple has the cooperation with the Facebook to set up own homepage and some advertisement on the Facebook, such as some announcement on the Facebook. Certainly, the promotion for the brands the digital search engines is successful; this was win-win situation in the cooperation. The digital search engines such as Facebook are helpful for the brand strategy of the Apple, because of the certain level of the users, this amount of the users could transfer to the Apple buyer in the shop, so that the transfer brand of the Facebook to Apple shop. 
                          The Brand of Apple has been successful in the global level through the digital search Engines except the users of China and other Countries which are block to the Facebook, these amounts of the users could not face with Apple online through the homepage, the majority countries user could get close to the Apple online. This home page is certainly global, on this way; the advertisement could be save the money and show products to others only few minute. In the homepage, the video and images are all available to the new users of the Apple , which is also communication platforms.
                          2. How would you rate the quality of the content available on the media outlet being analysed from Average to Excellent? Why?
                          In the view of the Facebook, this is a communication bridge between users and Apple. The excellent is to leave the users’ feedback on the media outlet and also promote their brand value.
                          When uncertainty problems of e-commerce ability completely evolved into a legal market feedback system become redemption mechanism, enhance the confidence of the buyer. A stream of research has been targeted in affecting the performance of the rating system as a result, including consumer perception evaluation effectiveness, credibility rating, purchase decision, sales growth, and product sales. Another flow detection aspect of design and function of feedback system is the differential effects on consumer behavior. Foreman and others found online community members, for example, a more positive reaction product reviews in the identity of reviewers comment than providing reveal anonymous contributors. The results show that discloses the identity of reviewers to build consumer trust thus puts forward the impact positive sales. Li indicated that consumers tend to think about product price write product reviews.
                          3. Is there a lot of social interaction happening through the brand's media outlet? Is this interaction positive or negative?
                          In the face of these different market defects, less related to the regular e-commerce, consumer patronage collective buying sites found methods to reduce the risk and cost. The most common measures through social commerce consumers in response to the information asymmetry is the use of no driven power of Facebook's "like" (FBLs) through social media platform. FBL is the most credible and reliable social reference system (SRS), represent the aggregated view of the consumer; the prestige stems from a product proposal solicitation from only one Facebook users maintain friendship and affection. A Nielsen survey, more than 28000 users around the world shows that 92% of consumers trust the recommendation of friends and family(Lee, Lee, & Oh, 2015). 3 and conventional online reviews often praise is the feature of "blind" rating system, FBL suggestion is revealed by people who care about their identity; consumer information asymmetry and quality uncertainty faced so think FBLs very valuable. 
                          The result has demonstrated that the great amount of users on the Facebook, who are potential to become the buyer of the Apple, so that the strategies of Apple could be excellent. 
                          4. How does the brand respond to online interaction? Is their response timely and appropriate? Give examples.
                          Online interaction is useful from the review and feedback from the consumer of the Apple, the timely feedback is quite important.
                          Although more and more interest in Apple, study the effect of related comments and rating sales have been fragmented, ambiguous. It revealed advice provider is more strongly expand the perceived value and ease of use than consumers' comments. However, the credibility of consumer comments over supplier recommended and perception of emotional quality(Giannino, 2016). The survey found that consumers were comment not significantly related to sales; Advice and comment on the number of consumers, by contrast, showed a significant correlation with sales. Under the background of the film industry, it determines rating not exert significant influence at the box office in considering the endogeneity. The results show that the peer review and rating are not accurate sales forecast, but the number of comments can be used as an accurate estimate. Finally, it is found that the average rating does not necessarily represent a real quality. Rather than have no effect on research discussed above, a positive rating and the connection between the comments and sales have been reported. It found an interesting pattern of u-shaped relationship between the tendencies of the audience "comment and box office receipts, recommend that users are more likely to write reviews or reach niche products than the" average "product, are two major classes. Also, the differential effect of consumer comments in selling products and consumer features are included in the evaluation equation. The basis of the elaboration likelihood model, the study found that many critics and review characteristics have a significant systematic bias, that explain the relationship between online reviews and business profitability (e.g., sales) some difficult and unreliable. In order to solve the problem of the choice, the authors determined the prejudice and check the key sources such as the dynamic between the before and then comment after controlling for prejudice. Assessment in the field of literature information revealing more and more focus on anonymous peer review system and marketing and the impact of rating business performance and user awareness. Although this increased focus, however, an important research gap still exists. The existing literature mainly focused on anonymity - -based reviews and ratings in all kinds of the electronic commerce environment, and Suggestions to the social network, need to identity information disclosure and social risk, affect consumers' buying behavior. In addition, the literature is silent on specific context factors cartoon line business environment dynamic Facebook and moderate the relationship between the sales performance. The current work is eager to fill the void.
                          5. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the digital presence of the brand being analysed?
                          Strengths are related to good reputation on the promotion on the brands for the production of Apple, communication on the internet is effective and useful; however, weakness is that the Facebook is not all open to the all countries such as China, the missing users could be the downside of the promotions, which feedback data is missing of these high value country. 
                          Reference list 
                          Giannino, M. (2016). The Social Network: The European Commission' Decision on the Facebook/Whatsapp Merger Case. Journal Of Internet Law, 19(7), 1-20.
                          Lee, K., Lee, B., & Oh, W. (2015).Thumbs Up, Sales Up?The Contingent Effect of Facebook Likes on Sales Performance in Social Commerce. Journal Of Management Information Systems, 32(4), 109-143. doi:10.1080/07421222.2015.1138372

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