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                          PERSONAL STATEMENT怎么写?-经典PS范文教你怎么写

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                          Dear Sir/Madam,尊敬的先生/女士, Thank you for your busy schedule to read my letter.谢谢你百忙之中阅读?#19994;?#20449;。 I am current a junior at Georgia Tech, and transferred from XX University-XX grade point average of 3.735, which is an
                          Dear Sir/Madam,尊敬的先生/女士,
                          Thank you for your busy schedule to read my letter.谢谢你百忙之中阅读?#19994;?#20449;。
                          I am current a junior at Georgia Tech, and transferred from XX University-XX grade point average of 3.735, which is an organization ofXX Tech. The reason why I propose BS/MS programapplication, it’s because XX Tech can provide better support for academic research my professional development. At the same time, this school's rigorous academic style is very appealing to me. I believe I can lift myself in such a good academic halls and become an outstanding engineer.我现在是XX大学大三学生,从XX大学转学,平均成绩3.735分,是XX大学的一个组织。我之所以提出BS/MS程序应用,是因为XX 工大学能为?#19994;?#19987;业发展提供更好的学术研究支持。同?#20445;?#36825;所学校严谨的学风对我很有吸引力。我相信我能在这么好的学术殿堂里自立,成为一名杰出的工程师。
                          I graduated from the high school in China. Now,I am in mechanicalengineering with grade point average of 3.66 in XX Tech.Speak to training and experience of my academic, firstly, I took part in Robojackets-iarrc in fall, 2014. We build homecoming car. I learned how to use machines such as lathe and millto cut and design parts. We can find different problems during manufacturing and solve them together. It is great experience for myfuture research.Secondly, I also do the research about optimization of 3D printerunder the guidance of Professor Yan Wang now.The course is to provide a research opportunity to the student to learn about process optimization inadditive manufacturing. In this research, we will be required to gain the basic knowledge and skillsto install, use, and customize 3D printers to control the process.The required deliverable from the research will be a formal presentation in the group meeting, thedeveloped code, as well as a short written report.Heaven pays off, I got the School of Arts and Sciences Excellence Award for the 2013-2014 academic year.我从中国的高中毕业。现在我在佐治亚理工大学机械工程专业,平均成绩3.66分。首先,我参加了2014年秋季的Robojackets IARRC,并接受了?#19994;?#23398;术培训和经验。我们造返校车。我学会了如何使用车床和铣床等机器来切割和设计零件。我们可以在制造过程中发现不同的问题并一起解决。这对我今后的研究是一个很好的经验。其次,我现在也在阎王教授的指导下进行了三维打印机的优化研究。本课程的目的是为学生提供一个学习非附加制造工艺优化的研究机会。在这项研究中,我们需要获得基本的知识?#22270;?#33021;来安装、使用和定制3D打印机来控制这个过程。这项研究所需要的交付成果将是在小组会议上的正式演示,开发的代码,以及一个简短的书面报告。天哪,?#19994;?#21040;了艺术和科学学院的摘录。2013-2014学年伦斯奖。
                          Besides, I am a warm and cheerful, warm-hearted public welfare student. I am not only a member of RCCC (Rutgers Community Christian Church) since 2013, which is a group of Chineseand we can help with each other in this group, but also was a societies officer of Childhood Leukemia Foundation from 2012 to 2013,which is a meaningful activity and alwaysorganizes many donationsto help theseunfortunate children.另外,我是一个热情开朗,热心公益的学生。从2013起,我不仅是RCGC(RutgsCulkChina China China)的成员,也是一个我们可以互相帮助的Chineseand小组,同时也是2012至2013年间儿童白血病基金会的一名社团主任,这是一项有意义的活动,并组织了许多捐赠来帮助这些不?#19994;?#23401;?#21360;?/div>
                          Based on the above description of my personal circumstances, during the XX  Tech study, I paid great attention to my overall quality of life thrifty, careful study, responsible, thinking motivated. I am always strict with myself. My work and learning style of passion, hard-working, pragmatic, innovative are fully affirmedby the teacher and students. The BS / MS program is a golden opportunity for me, I should try to take in this special application, during the time I will try to review and carefully prepare. Recently I have been fighting for this application, I strive for my own dreams, I love engineering career, I want to do even better in this area, I believe that with my efforts will be admitted to the ideal school, in order to better serve the communityandthe tomorrow of Chinese engineering and better adapt to a new era of development needs in future, I will work harder. Hope the judges give approval! Thank you!基于以上对我个人情况的描述,在XX 学院的学习中,我非常注重?#19994;?#25972;体生活质量节俭、认真学习、负责任、积极思考。我对自己总是很严格。?#19994;?#24037;作和学习风格热情、勤奋、务实、创新,得到了师生的充分肯定。BS/MS项目对我?#27492;?#26159;一个?#35757;?#30340;机会,我应该尝试接受这个特殊的申请,在这段时间里我会努力复习并认真准备。最近我一直在为这个申请而战,我为自己的梦想而奋斗,我热爱工程事业,我想在这方面做得更好,我相信通过?#19994;?#21162;力,我会考上理想的学校,为了更好地服务于社会和中国工程的明天,更好地适应未来新的发展时代的需要。呃,我会更加努力的。希望评委们认可!谢谢您!

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