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                          1.0 Introduction引言 随着与科技的日益互动,电子游戏进入了新的时代。越来越多的人不管多大年纪都?#19981;?#29609;电脑游戏。针对人们对电脑游戏的倾向和倾向,有人主张应禁止电子游戏,有人主张有
                          1.0 Introduction引言
                          With the increasingly interaction with the science and technology, the video games enter into the new era. More and more people no matter how old they are fond of playing computer games. Towards people’s tendency and inclination to computer games, someone asserts that video game should be banned, someone claims that it is necessary to regulate the video game culture, and someone asserts that video games ought to be rated. This paper will focus on the study of online video games culture whether video games ought to be banned, how video game culture should be regulated, and how games ought to be rated. This paper will take two online video games respectively named League of Legends and Defense of the Ancients to test whether these games ought to be banned, and then elaborate on the limits of behavioral research on video games. 
                          2.0 Reviews on the different Views on the Online Video Games Culture对网络游戏文化不同观点的评论
                          There are three opinions on the effects of online games, such as low-preference, central-preference, and high-preference. Someone considers that the online video games are harmful to the physical and mental growth of children because of the symbolic taboo activities and toxic behaviors, such as fighting, hitting, violence, etc. Some researchers such as Hartman, T., & Vorderer, P. (2010, pp. 94-119), Anderson and Carnagey (2009, pp.731-739), etc. consider shooting a character is acceptable in the online video games which are against the moral disengagement in order to save the environment of clean online video games. The assumption is tested that moral disengagement treatment offered by the narrative of a violent video game can release the guilty and negative effect of the users, which in turn will undermine the pleasure of the online video games. The long time exposition to the extreme violence will result the depression and rebellion of the players. Moreover, some researchers such as Ferguson, C. J. (2010, pp.68-81) claim that online video games is the combination of an angel and monster to the psychological world of people. Ferguson (2010, pp.68-81) holds that the sided-effect such as horror, fear and violence of online video games has been exaggerated, however, the positive ones such as enhancing social communication and educational tools are neglected. Meanwhile, some scholars assert that some researchers such as Voiskounsky et al. (2004, pp.259-281) are inclined that playing online video is an enjoyment to people because the flow experience is one of the reasons why online game players are attractive in the visual and audio game world. From the above mentioned points, it can see that online video games share merits and demerits. Towards its merits, it is necessary to enlarge its influences, however, towards its demerits it is essential to prohibit some games. The positive influences of online video games should win its negative ones.
                          3.0 Case Study of Online Games
                          League of Legends and Defense of the Ancients are two popular computer games favored by video game players. Both of them belong to the action and fighting type. The players have to play it online in certain game areas. When the players play these games, they have to select a hero to act. The selected hero selected has to fight with the others in the games. Towards some people with religion belief, it is illegal to expose killing to the public in their belief, especially to the children and teenagers. The violence will lead the toxic behaviors to children and teenagers, because they do not know what right and wrong is. Their cognition is in the state to mimic the others rather than in the state to distinguish the truth or false sides of the things. Thus, from the consideration of the psychological health, some violence should be rated while approving and verifying some games. It is reported that the long time contacts with the violence, the mind of the teenagers and children will derivate from the correctness. From the consideration of mental health, it is crucial to ban some extreme violence in the games. As Whitty et al. (2011, pp.268-275) mention the taboo violation examination in computer games can stimulate the clean and tidy environment for juveniles, the verification of games should be rated and banned, such as for children at different ages they play different star-rated games. From this aspect, the evil part of games can be controlled and limited to the minimum negative influence. 
                          Furthermore, League of Legends and Defense of the Ancients requires lots of people to participate in a game. People should join different groups for engagement. The players will fight for their team. Thus, in this process if they want to win the game, they should make themselves at the best state and know how to cooperate with the others, among which the cooperation, team spirit as well as leadership is strengthen and enhanced. In the literature review, McKernan (2013, pp.307-329) reviews the morality of play from 1980 to 2010 in New York Times. The merits of playing computers games are elaborated in this report. The leisure and relaxing function is the major one lead people to dream and join the fascinated visual world. The burden and pressure from their life can be relaxed in playing the games. The failure in their work can be out of mind in the visual world, because your identification can be kept as a secret. This is an enjoyment to someone. From the entertainment and recreational function of online computer games, it is unbelievable and unacceptable to ban its operation and playing due to the market effect. From this aspect, it can see just as a coin with two sides, it depends on you to select which side you want. 
                          Moreover, what should people do towards the killing and violence in the online computer games? Why can’t people ban the violence from its root? Why do the measures taken perform limited effect? Stetina et al. (2011, pp.473-479) investigate into the fascinating online games and find that addictive behavior is the major driven part of online game. This is difficult to adjust because on the one hand the control ability of teenager even some adults are limited. They cannot resist the lure of recreation. On the other hand, Barnett and Coulson (2010, pp.167-179) analyze from another psychological perspective that people are fond of massive engagement because people are social animals. The modern lifestyle makes people have less connection with the other, so people try to seek their spiritual world in the visual one. Killing is only a form to tie people together and make people concentrate on their team work. If the violence part of the game can be replaced, more people will have larger free space in the online video game world. As violence is only a form for entertainment, it is better the killing part of online video games can be changed into some tender and soft way to make the player enjoy themselves. People’s behavior to play online computer games without any restriction indicates that the emptiness of people’s internal heart. They do not know how to release their burden and how to have face to face communication with the other. From the above said, it is not difficult to know why someone knows abandon themselves in the online video world will arouse some trouble, they still cannot control themselves. 
                          People’s addiction on the online video games has its social and personal reasons. The social pressure and personal pleasure seeking make people to excessive and aimless playing computer games. It is suggested that first and foremost people should set correct attitude towards playing game with appropriate extent. Second, the government and the related organizations should approve the games strictly. Last but not least, the psychological education is needed. 
                          4.0 Conclusion

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