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                          In this essay, the effects of enlargement of EU on the retail industry will be studied. Both the effects on multinational enterprises (MNE) and small and medium-sized Enterprise (SME) are analyzed. For MNE, a UK-based company Tesco is selected to have a detailed discussion.

                          In Europe, there is a predominant objective, which drives the economic and political integration. This objective is “keep peace among nations” ( Suder ,2008 p.2). The aim to establish Europe Union (EU) is to promote it. After EU was established, it was enlarged many times. Many new members joined it. For MNE, a UK-based company Tesco is selected to have a detailed discussion. Both the opportunities and threats are analyzed. The rest of the essay is organized as follows. First, a brief reviews will be made in the retail industry in EU. In this section, the biggest ones are ranked. In the biggest ones, a UK-based company Tesco is selected to have a detailed introduction. It will also be used as a typical case to discuss the influence of enlargement of EU on MNE in the rest of the essay. Following that, both the opportunities and threats of enlargement of EU to the retail industry will be analyzed. In the analysis, the influence on SME and MNE is discussed respectively. Finally, the conclusion will be made. In the conclusion, an overall evaluation will be made.  The evaluation is based on the contents of the essay and in the light of development on a European level.

                          Brief reviews in the retail industry in EU
                          Compared with the USA, the retailing in Europe is not weaker. In Europe, the top five retailers are Wal-Mart, Carrefour (French), Metro AG (Germany), Tesco (UK), Schwarz Untemehmens Treuhand KG (Germany) (Barbara, 2011). They are all typical examples of MNEs. Among them, Tesco, a UK-based enterprise will be given a detailed introduction. Tesco is a global general merchandise retailer. It is headquartered in UK. In UK, it is the second largest one following Wal-Mart measured by profits (Reuters, 2011). It has stores in the 14 countries. Its business covers Europe and North America, and Asia (A global business, 2011). The MNEs in the retail industry play a central role in the European market. Except them, there are also a great many SMEs in Europe. The enlargement of EU has significant implications on both of the two kinds of enterprises in the retail industry.

                          本节的机会后,在零售业will be the analyzed分别。
                          there are many of the扩大商业机会触发欧盟模式。the Common规例的免费服务,货物运动的杂志,杂志给首都商业机会(make the空气日期2010年1月17 suder after the,2008年,第5页)人和货物,服务首都,是?#26434;?#27969;动的固体聚合物在欧盟国家,更多的商业活动frehley can be done。跨国公司直接投资可以使国家在固体聚合物。when there are more the countries欧盟国家中,that can be will be黑莓自制的直接投资。扩大后的欧盟25成员is with the资本,货物和服务,是?#26434;?#31227;动。This is for专业和吸引力的外国直接投资在欧盟和欧盟内流(KáLMáN,2006)。中小企业在零售行业compared with this is the more,the零售业跨国公司在attractive to,因为茶叶专业玩家of them are的外国直接投资。they can choose,货物,服务,首都minimize frehley to the杂志的成本效益和效率的提高,maximize,学院和服务素质。This is also to中小企业,好的机会。重要的是,他们也在部分企业在价值链of the many。他们也从外国直接投资的好处,虽然他们很少让indirectly,directly外商投资。
                          Following this section, the opportunities in retail industry will be analyzed respectively.
                          Opportunities in retail industry
                          There are many business opportunities triggered by the enlargement of EU. The common regulations for free movement of goods, services, capitals and people give make the business opportunities larger (Suder,2008, p.5) After the goods, services, capitals and people are free to flow in the member countries in EU, more business activities can be done freely. MNEs can make direct investment in the member countries. When there are more countries in EU, the countries that can be made direct investment will be more. After the EU is enlarged with 25 members, the capital, goods and services are free to move. This is a major and attraction for foreign direct investment flow inside EU and outside EU (Kálmán, 2006). Compared with SMEs in the retail industrie, this is more attractive to MNEs in the retail industry, because the major players of foreign direct investment are them. They can choose goods, services, capitals and people freely to minimize the costs, maximize benefits, and enhance efficiency and qualities of service. To SMEs, this is also a good opportunity. They are also a vital part in the value chains of many businesses. They also benefit from foreign direct investment indirectly, though they seldom make foreign investment directly.

                          许多行业来自广泛的产业。零售业是不例外的。零售业是从一开始就意味着的。The Purchasing Power in the Ingo countries is rising(Severine,2006).随着时间的推移,在零售业中的生意将成为工作的一部分。这是在零售业中的公牛和中小企业的机会。随着时间的推移,他们可以在一个统一的道路上完成他们的计数,因为许多关键因素在商业上是?#26434;?#30340;,而当地的政策对他们的业务是相似的。他们可以将其成功的做法折叠给另一个国家。小规模的变化需要在新国?#19994;?#24066;场上进?#23567;?#20294;是,小的变化不意味着改变。任何国家?#21152;?#20854;具体的当地情况,如果没有变化,就可以做到这一点。
                          Many industries benefits from the enlargement. The retail industry is no exception. The retail industry benefits significantly from the EU enlargement. The purchasing power in the accession countries is rising (Severine, 2006). With the purchasing power rising, the business in the retail industry will be booming. This is an opportunity for both MNEs and SMEs in the retail industry. With the enlargement of EU, to MNEs, they can manage their companies in a uniform way, because many key factors in business are free to flow and the local policies concerning their business are similar. They can replicate their successful practices to another country with little changes. Little changes are needed to make to develop the market in a new country. But, little changes do not mean no changes. Any countries have their specific local situation, if no changes are made, the practice may fail.


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