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                          How Internet pornography constructs our ideas about sexuality网络色情如何建构我们的性观念 大家好!今天我想和大家分享一下我对网络色情的看法。我认为每个人都熟悉它是什么,甚至对它了解很多。正如
                          How Internet pornography constructs our ideas about sexuality网络色情如何建构我们的性观念
                          大家好!今天我想和大家分享一下我对网络色情的看法。我认为每个人都熟悉它是什么,甚至对它了解很多。正如我们从阅读材料中了解到的,色情通常被认为是21?#20848;?#21021;互联网崩溃造成的第一种可盈利的在线内容制作形式。据我发现,到2006年,美国的色情业总收入超过70亿美元。包括文学、照片、音频、动画、电影、玩具和视频游戏在内的T行业,据?#20848;疲?#20840;球共有570亿美元的收入,其收入超过了所?#34892;?#19994;的总收入,甚至包括足球、棒球和篮球特许经营权的总和。 另一方面,互联网技术快速发展的本质在这个时代,色情文学的数量和易得性已经得到了肯定,这就带来了大量的问题,如色情上瘾、性犯罪、儿童接触色情、对妇女的性暴力等。通过总结这些问题,我们可能认为网络色情确实对我们的性观念有影响。但这通常是怎么发生的呢?我们的形?#20174;?#22810;深?有没有什么实际的方法来全面限制?#22909;?#24433;响?今天我将向你们展示?#19994;?#25237;机观点,我希望它会有用。
                          Hi everybody! Today I want to share some of my own thoughts in about Internet pornography. I think everyone is familiar with what it is and even knows a lot about it. As we learned from the reading material,pornography has often been considered the first profitable form of online content production that suffered little from the dot.com crash of the early 2000s. According to what I have found, By the year of 2006, The pornography1 industry in the United States grossedupwards of US $7 billion.In 2014, this sort of industry including literature, photos, audio, animation, movies, toys, and video gameshad estimated to be $57 billion worldwide with its revenue being larger than the combined revenues of all the professions, even football, baseball, and basketball franchises put together.[On the other hand, the nature of rapid development of Internet technology has certainty given access to the volume and the easy availability of pornography in this time era, which brings a large number of problems into discussion such us porn addiction, sex crime, children’s exposure to porn, sex violence against women and so forth. By summarizing these issues we may believe that Internet pornography does have an effect on our ideas of sexuality. But how this generally happens? How deep have we been shaped? Are there any practical ways to generallylimitthe negative effects? Today I will show you my speculative opinionand I hope it could be useful.
                          Let’s start from here: it is undeniable that watching internet pornography is largely an unpresentable work.[For example, an internet pornographystatisticsmade by Jerry Ropelado shows that among the 40 million people who regularly watch Internet pornography, a total of 70 percent women have keep their watching behavior as a secret. [3]However, the tendencyofkeeping this watching behavior as a secret or privacyactually hinders our way to exchange our ideas of sexualityin the real world. This point of view is especially true to children and the reason could be complex. According to aresearch carried out by Quayle and Tylor, Children keep themselves from interacting with the real world because Internetpornography has created a separated world and a way to avoid real life. [4] No matter for kids or the adults, once the ideas we got from are not involved in the interpersonal communication, we can hardly know whether our ideas are socially true.For example, one would consider “underwear fetishism” [14]as average and acceptable from its pervasiveness in Internet pornography instead of how people judge it in the real world. without knowing Some of you will say that Internet pornography can also works as a positive sex education. That’ true. [15]However, according to Lazarsfeld and Hovland, media effect is to something always changes our attitude but strengthens those that we already had. Once some negative ideas of sexuality (like sex abuse by the way) are constructed through Internet pornography, they would be deeply ingrained by watching the relative programs time after time.
                          Secondly, although there are few opportunities to put the ideas of sexuality openly into the social judgment, the Internet provides us the chance to interact with the virtual reality. [18]In this time of era, the Internetsearchingenginehas given anaccess to find out our purpose-oriented objects. So here is the problem: those who havegotabnormal ideas of sexuality would be a worrying situation since by communicationanonymously online within a group sharing the same preference, these ideas would be strengthened. On the other hand,people still don’t know whether the ideas are appropriate in the real world. 
                          Now we have seen how Internet pornography constructs of ideas of sexuality. It blocks the way of the real social interaction and gives us a virtual one that might raise problems. Admittedly, it is impossible to stop everyone from watching Internet pornography all over the world, and there is no way to shut down all the online forums or platforms where inappropriate sex ideas is exchanged and disseminated. Lucky, an idea is just an idea, not a practice. Therefore, I advocate that there ought to be more opportunities for people to share their ideas openly instead of keeping them as secrets.For example, to share ideas in a sex education class, informal discussion or just point them out in psychological survey. During this process,any problematicideas of sexuality would be denied and people who have it might tend to think and behave normally in their real sex life. I strongly believe everyone has the fear to be isolated or excluded by a certain social environment. So if the real socialinteraction can really happen, the negative effect of Internet pornography can be reduced in a behavioral aspect.That’s all in all. I hope you like this video and if you are interested in this topic or you just simply want to know more, you may read the reference I provide here. Thank you.  

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