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                          代写英国作业片断:AMLIN-exploring organizations

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                          This report makes critical analysis on Amlin organization exploring. It is mainly focused on the evaluation of its organization and gets a conclusion of whether it will successfully achieve its strategic goals. 
                          Previously, it gives a brief introduction to the background information of Amlin. It emphasizes that the company is a leading company in insurance industry. It has extraordinary performance and runs business in the Lloyd’s, UK, Continental Europe and Bermudian markets.And then, it applies four classic models to evaluate the company’s organization-Rich Picture, STEEPLE analysis, SWOT analysis, and Balanced Scorecard. For each model, it provides literature reviews in the characteristics. Then carefully apply them to evaluate the company to find its advantages, opportunities and potential improvements.

                          SWOT is a prevailing method used to analyze whether the internal and external factors are favorable or unfavorable to realize a company’s goal. This analysis method is an incorporated strategic model of four aspects: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. By performing SWOT analysis, management can better determine whether a goal of the company is attainable or not. It is also quite helpful to identify the attractive areas for the company to develop growth. (Hill and Westbrook ,1997)

                          First, Amlin benefits from the diversity of its portfolio, which enables the company to get access to a varied range of market conditions. For example, energy physical damage rates and energy liability rates have increased by 20% and 50% respectively since the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. While drilling activity in the Gulf of Mexico is presently low due to restrictions on permits. The event prompted the reassessment of marine and energy exposures, and is likely to result in demand for increased coverage which may exceed current market capacity. Undoubtedly, this can create an attractive opportunity for Amlin to expand its underwriting in this sector.
                          Second, Amlin is well positioned with a profitable core portfolio supported by strong client and broker relationships. This kind of well position is reflected in the company’s high retention ratios. The company’s underwriting approach is disciplined and focuses on profit instead of volume. The company sets up a cross-cycle target of an average return on equity, and all of its businesses are trying to ensure a return rate of 15%.
                          Third, Amlin benefits from previous investments in teams and acquisitions. These investments have broadened the client base, distribution and market access of the business. Amlin also remains in a strong capital position with capital and available resources of £695.9million.
                          Amlin has too many branches in different regions, countries and continents make it difficult to manage the whole company efficiently. Diversity becomes a disadvantage here. Also, market unstable factors make it harder to realize higher return of the whole asset portfolio. Thus, to minimize the possible losses, applying advanced management technology should be the company’s key focus.

                          The impacts of the depressed global economy on premium volume, the declining investment yields, as well as the surplus capacity, are creating a challenging environment. Since Amlin is striving to pursue profitable growth, this challenging environment poses some threats to the company’s further development.
                          Over-capacity is still a driving factor to make the competition more intense in many segments of the market. In the US, the premiums to surplus ratios in property and casualty market are at the lowest level in the past 30 years. In many market sectors, particularly reinsurance, pricing is under the pressure of downward. Although the market had losses in 2010, the rates are still being reduced. Rate reductions in January in Amlin London and Amlin Bermuda are 3.2% and 4.4% respectively. Meanwhile, the trading conditions also remain difficult in Continental Europe, which needs the company to consider strategies to withstand possible bad impacts.
                          A further challenge is likely to be the substantially lower investment returns expected in 2011. The market conditions become more difficult to be predicted, and it gets even harder for Amlin to optimize its returns.
                          In Bermuda, the current pricing and new business are under pressures of incurring expenses before the development of earned premium. Thus, the company gives up on expecting it to make a material contribution in the short term, and is trying to find its longer term prospects.

                          Balanced Scorecard (BSC) is used by managers as a strategic performance tool to keep track of the execution of activities by the staff within their control and to monitor the outcomes arising from these actions. As a model of performance, the BSC is effective in that “it articulates the links between leading inputs (human and physical), processes, and lagging outcomes and focuses on the importance of managing these components to achieve the organization’s strategic priorities.”(Abernethy et al., 2005)


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